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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Life Is Magic Paperback!

Life is Magic is out now in paperback for those who like a book with a little more bend.  Hooray!

Can you spot the cover differences from the hardback?

Here's a peek at the insides...


This is Gary.  

Some magic in action.

There's now a jaunty 'This book belongs to...' page where you can write your name or whatever takes your fancy.  And the clever clogs' at Andersen Press have managed to squeeze all the additional cover artwork in too.

Available in all good bookshops and the usual places online.

I've also recently been sent a few co-editions so if you're in the U.S.A look out for Rabbit Magic.

In French we have 'Tout est Magie' (which I had a lot of fun hand lettering)

and in Danish look for 'Livet er Magisk'

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