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Monday, 25 May 2015

The Enormous Crocodile

Finally found some time to catch up with the Daily__Doodle and it just happens to be Roald Dahl week.  The last proper doodle I remember doing was for Fantastic Mr Fox so my timing feels perfect.  I read a lot of Dahl as a kid but I don't have a great memory for it.  I managed to find an audiobook of The Enormous Crocodile online (read wonderfully by Stephen Fry) to sketch along to.  I decided to add the sun motif as a cheeky nod to the end of the book.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Life Is Magic

Apologies for the huge gap in blog posts but I've been very busy working on my first picture book.  (Hooray!)  Here's a picture of it at the Bologna Book Fair this year with the lovely people at Andersen Press who are publishing it.

It has been so much fun to work on but completely consuming as it's absolutely jam-packed from cover to cover.  I can't really say much more about for now but I can tell you it's bursting with magic, bunnies and shenanigans.