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Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Christmas Shop

 My shop will be open until December 6th.

Due to ongoing postal disruption, and the dreaded Christmas post office queue, I'm going to shut up shop early this year.  But until then I still have plenty of Xmas gifts.

Christmas Knits 

Like this pack of 4 christmas mice cards CLICK HERE

I've also added some etchings all of which can be found by CLICKING HERE

An original gouache painting 

I have blank notebooks to draw and write in.  Made from recycled materials.  

I have plenty of prints and things too.  Feel free to look around.  On December 6th my shop will shut and I'll eat biscuits.  Thank you for supporting small businesses.

Friday, 29 July 2022

Coming soon...

 This the cover of my next book, Wee Unicorn.  It's publishing in Feb 2023 with Hachette Children's Books.

It's a book set in a landscape very much like the Highlands where I live.  It's full of creatures from Scottish folklore, and it was a lot of fun to make.

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Bluebell Woods


A sketch of my local woods in two colours.  It gets full of bluebells, hence the title, but none were present when I drew it.

Monday, 11 April 2022

Tiger process

This is a little tiger idea I've been thinking about.  My idea feels too simple so I thought making some of the images might help unlock it.  There's a quick breakdown of how I made the image below.

I was working on this image on Friday which is also #colour_collective day, and I like to join in from time to time.  Luckily, the colours were a perfect fit for my tiger (see below).  I like how unusual the purpley blue is but I do think the darker colour I settled on is a bit punchier.

My colour collective original

Lately I've been making artwork like I would prepare a screen print.  For every colour I make a separate black layer.  Imagine the black lines are where the colour will be and imagine that where the paper is white will be clear.  Completely see through.  It takes a minute to get your head around this.  I like to use paint because I'm not very practised with a brush and it allows a less controlled line.  That's why I like this whole process, and it means I spend less time at a computer.

I knew this was going to be a two colour image (a dark and an orange plus white) but I wasn't sure if the background would be too busy so I broke the trees into two separations to make it easier to delete one if I needed to.  And I wanted to test the tiger outline in both paint and pencil so I kept that apart from the background.  This is what everything looks like separately.

Trees and paint tiger stripes


Tiger outlines and fur tests

The top row is the tiger outline.  As much as I like my backgrounds to feel loose, I still like the control I have with a pencil for character outlines.  I've drawn it twice because I was testing a regular HB pencil (left) versus a softer colouring pencil line (right).  The second row is me testing the fur texture of the tiger.  Ultimately, I used the image on the right.  I placed this over the tiger and coloured everything outside of it black too.  This was going to be my orange layer.

If I lay them all over each other you can get an idea of what the image will look like.

All the separations placed over each other

I scan all of these into the computer and line them up on my page.  I spent some time deciding between the painted stripes and the pencil and edited the layers accordingly.

Once I've blocked in the basic colours it looks like this.

Dark layer

One layer over the other

I then spend some time editing the image, adding details like highlights, whiskers and fur lines, and I make the image more textured.  I have a selection of textures I've created that I delete from laters to make them look more worn.  I also decide on the final image to use a yellow layer over a red instead of one layer of orange.  That way I could delete parts of each colour and you'd see the red and yellow peek through.

The final image looks like this

It probably seems like a long way of doing things but I find the painting relaxing.  My previous Dream Cars post was made similarly except I drew all the colour layers digitally in Procreate, there was no painting.  That works well for me with vehicles and structured items but for more natural imagery I prefer to paint in a traditional way.

Thursday, 7 April 2022

Dream Cars

One of my earliest memories of school is being in Primary 1 and drawing a car.  They told us to draw anything we wanted and I couldn't think of anything but the person next to me was drawing a car so I drew one too.  I don't think I've drawn a car since.  So this week I had a go.  

This is Jon, he wanted to be a fox, in his dream car (which is almost exactly my actual car but according to him it's not the same).

And this is me in my Nissan Figaro.  They're such cute little cars.
Both images were sketched in pencil first and then redrawn in in Procreate using my sketch as a guide. The textures and colours were finalised in Photoshop.  I'm still far more skilled and at home in photoshop but I do enjoy drawing on the Ipad.  It's great for blocking in shapes.


Llama or Alpaca

This is a birthday card I made for my niece.  I'm pretty sure I've drawn a llama...but then again it could be an alpaca.

This image was drawn in Procreate and finished in Photoshop.  I love using limited colour palettes.

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

The Darling Children

These are the Darling children from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.  The first chapter has a lot of nice descriptions in it that feel very visual.  I love this one of the kids going to school.  I think it's the 'in a row' part I like so much. 

 '...and soon, you might have seen the three of them going in a row to Miss Fulsom's Kindergarten school, accompanied by their nurse.'

This image was made digitally in Procreate.  I like the ease of digital black and white drawing but I'm not convinced yet that it's a way for me to work permanently.  I still do love drawing in pencil.